/ by Jennie McGuirk


Photography immortalizes people and events by allowing us to forever capture the magical presence of the immediate moment.

Working with large format film and early photographic processes, celebrated Bronx-born photographer Joni Sternbach, goes one step further as she paints an ongoing picture of contemporary surf life through a nostalgic, historic and beautifully mysterious, anthropological lens.

Citing “landscapes, seascapes, and the human imprint on these views” as the project focus, she opens her artistic statement with the insightfully fitting quote from artist August Sander:

“We know that people are formed by the light and air, by their inherited traits, and their actions. We can tell from appearance the work someone does or does not do; we can read in his face whether he is happy or troubled,” — August Sander from “Man of the Twentieth Century”

All images by Joni Sternbach

Source: http://www.jonisternbach.com